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News from 2008

Canadian Inflation rate double that of Term Deposit Interest

I was just checkingout our Key Canadian Financial Data page and realized and was shocked to notice that the inflation rate is double what you can get on a term deposit. Inflation is at 2.52% according to the Bank of Canada. One year term deposits are half that (from .650 to 1.40 if you have over a $1,000,000). The actual banks are a little bit hungrier for money than that and will give you 1.5% on a one year term deposit, even starting at $1000. Zimbabwe dollars: with loose money ...
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In a turbulent market is a Guaranteed Minimum Withdraw Plan the perfect solution?

It's no secret the stock markets are way off. The Dow Jones is under 8000 knocking off 8 years of progress. On the other hand, life insurance companies offer guaranteed investment policies. Sounds like the perfect solution... Life insurers have long guaranteed to return 75 per cent of a person's original capital after 10 years, or sooner if the investor dies during a period of low stock prices. They enjoyed a flurry of sales when they stepped up the guarantee to 100 per cent and ...
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Assumption Life offers a great non-medical critical illness insurance plan

Assumption Life has one of the only non medical critical illness products on the Canadian insurance market. Applicants can qualify for coverage in 24 hours by answering “No” to five health related questions. There are no questions related to family health history. Applicants who have been declined or rated in the last two years will not be eligible – so applying to Assumption Life gives the insured a safety net if he/she is not approved elsewhere. The coverage is available to ...
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AIG is now BMO:LSM Insurance quoted in The Insurance Journal on AIG Life Insurance

When the Insurance Journal talked to insurance experts on the recent concerns about AIG Life of Canada, LSM Insurance was among those interviewed by the magazine. Read the whole Insurance Journal article and find out what we had to say about AIG Life Insurance and why the existing clients with current AIG policies should not switch. BMO Insurance continues to offer a wide variety of policies. They have Term 10, Term 20, Term 30 and Term 100 coverage. Very few companies offer ...
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CityTV Talks Life Insurance With Lorne Marr

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RBC Insurance is combining Term Life and Critical Illness Insurance policies

RBC Insurance has introduced an easier way to get both Term and Critical Illness insurance. The company is now offering both solutions simultaneously as they have bundled the RBC Insurance Critical Illness Recovery Plan policy with Term 10 or Term 20. Bundling Benefits: Savings for the client Two sales in one Easier process: One application One underwriter for both apps simplifies the process Lorne's ...
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Three Instant Issue Life Solutions From Assumption Life

Assumption Life has made a big splash in the instant issue life insurance market. Instant issue life insurance is a policy which is geared towards individuals who are not in optimal health but have a need for life insurance. These policies are issued without a medical test and with limited proof of insurability. Most instant issue plans limit the death benefit in the first two policy years but Assumption Life’s Golden Protection and Golden Protection Plus pay out from day ...
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LSM 4 Day Work Week Featured in Globe and Mail

Our campaign for the 4 day work week turned up in the Globe and Mail last week as full page article in the business section. We were honoured that they chose Jack and Lorne as the lead photo. We were also thrilled to see that other companies are moving to a four day work week as well. Our staff is more productive than ever. Unfortunately, for the moment we are finding that the four day work week doesn't apply to company owners. Writer Kira Vermond analysed the Monday to Thursday work ...
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Whole Life Insurance – A Guaranteed Investment in Uncertain Times

The recent fluctuations of the stock markets having left many investors running for cover. The equity markets historically produce generous returns over the long haul but many investors are spooked by the potential of losing 25% or more of their capital in any given year. For investors looking for a risk free alternative, whole life insurance in Canada can provide an interesting option. The advantages of Whole Life insurance as an investment are the following: All premiums ...
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Universal Life: Buy Now!

If you are thinking of getting a Universal Life plan with a level cost of insurance, now is a great time. Historically low interest rates are tapping into the profitability of these plans among insurance companies. Standard Life significantly raised the rates on their level cost Universal Life plan and it will not be long before other companies follow in their footsteps – indeed, many already are, and promise to continue. In a pricing survey conducted by Munich Re Canada last year, fewer ...
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