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News from 2006

New Canadian Guaranteed Investment Funds

RBC Insurance announced the introduction of RBC Insurance Guaranteed Investment Funds on Monday, available for sale beginning immediately. RBC Insurance has selected 12 leading underlying mutual funds from the RBC Asset Management Inc. fund line-up for its segregated funds. Four portfolios have also been created, using these funds, to provide an innovative investment choice for consumers seeking the growth potential of mutual funds, with the security of a principal guarantee. As ...
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Real & Dorothy Duteau

Lorne was highly recommended for our insurance needs and our first meeting confirmed what we were looking for: integrity, honesty, competency and affordable products. Also throughout the process, Lorne kept us informed on the status of the application and was involved in clearing all obstacles. This is what we really appreciated, as his follow-up was 110%." With this kind of service and dedication, there is no doubt that we will be with Lorne for the rest of our ...
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Four Canadian Insurance Buyers Guides online now – FREE

We have posted four special custom guides for buyers of Whole Life Insurance in Canada, Universal Life Insurance in Canada, Disability insurance in Canada and Long Term Care Insurance in Canada. For the moment for your convenience, each insurance guide is linked in the left hand column.
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Disability Insurance in Canada:5 Essential Buyers Tips

Disability insurance provides you with a monthly tax free income in the event that you are unable to work due to an injury and/or illness. There are several variables to examine when purchasing a disability insurance policy; the following 5 tips will help you choose the plan that is right for you: Determine if the coverage is injury only or injury and sickness disability protection. Injury and sickness disability coverage provides much more complete coverage and pays out your monthly ...
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Universal Life Insurance in Canada:Five Essential Tips for Buyers

Universal Life Insurance provides with you an extremely flexible form of life insurance. You can vary your monthly deposit, choose a level or increasing death benefit options, as well as tailor your investment choices within a tax sheltered account. When purchasing a universal life policy, there are many variables to examine. The following five tips can assist in the process: Determine whether you want a level cost of insurance (COI) or increasing cost of insurance. A level ...
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Whole life insurance in Canada:5 Essential Tips for Buyers

Whole life insurance provides peace of mind by delivering permanent coverage at a guaranteed rate. However, there are many variables to examine before purchasing a whole life insurance policy. The following 5 tips can assist in the process. Whole life policies are generally much more expensive in nature and you want to make sure that you want coverage for life and that you're able to afford the premium. If you cancel the policy in the early years, you'll be losing the ...
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Long Term Care Insurance – 5 Essential Tips

Long term care insurance provide individuals with a weekly tax free benefit in the event that they would require assistance with 2 of the 6 activities of daily living. Those activities include bathing, dressing, eating, maintaining continence, toileting, and transferring (Check the appropriate policies for more details). The proceeds received from a long term care policy can help prevent individuals from having to deplete their saving and/or forcing their family into debt due to ...
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New Equitable Life Universal Life Program – Equation Generation IV

Equitable Life recently enhanced its universal life program, which is called Equation Generation IV. The plan is available with reduced and more competitive premiums for level costs of insurance, annual increasing or yearly renewable term costs of insurance, and year renewable term to 85 cost of insurance. It also features lower and more competitive Management Expense Ratios (MER) on their performance funds and portfolio interest options.
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LSM Insurance is in the news in 24 Hours

Sound counsel on losing eight extra pounds from bodybuilder Lorne for his sister-in-law Laura: Set goals and rewards. Treat workouts like appointments. Remove unhealthy food and bring vegetables and fruits and unsalted nuts into kitchen. Keep a bottle of water close all day. If you have children, exercise with them. Incorporate exercise into your business routines. Go for walks rather than lunch with colleagues. Full article here. Article ...
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New weblog just for insurance news

We have created a new weblog to cover the Canadian insurance scene, with insurance news we feel is important for Canada. We will be particularly covering "Life Insurance" and "Health Insurance" in Canada, as those are the principal policies we provide to our clients.
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