Life Insurance for Women:

News from 2014

Canadians Aren’t Confident They Have Enough Life Insurance

Most Canadians don't really understand life insurance. It's no secret that the majority of Canadians don't really understand life insurance. And now there's a survey to confirm that trend. BMO Insurance released a poll in mid-july 2014, showing that88% of Canadians are not very familiar with the different types of life insurance. In addition,while 74% of those Canadians polled have some type of insurance either through their employer or personal policies, 70% of those ...
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Life Insurance and HPV

Remember when actor Michael Douglas told The Guardian that his throat cancer was caused by HPV, (human papillomavirus), which he said was in turn caused by oral sex? If you need us to refresh your memory, here is the exact quote: Xan Brooks: Do you feel, in hindsight, that you overloaded your system? Overloaded your system with drugs, smoking, drink? Michael Douglas: No. No. Ah, without getting too specific, this particular cancer is caused by something called HPV, which actually ...
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