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News from 2011

Life Insurance for Accountants

There are approximately 361,128 accountants working across Canada, according to statistics provided by the Canadian Government. They make, on average, a salary of $26.27 an hour. Typically, accountants are the arbiters of our financial future, determining our budgets and how much money we take in versus how much we take out. Life insurance can cushion them and their families for their own financial future, and it's usually divided into two categories. Term Insurance starts off lower ...
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Children’s Term Life Insurance

Cover your child with Youth Plus Assumption Life introduced a children's term life policy called Youth Plus. The policy is available to applicants ages 15 days old to 17 years old. The premiums remain level for the insured's lifetime, while the face amount can range from $35,000 to $175,000. There's an annual policy fee of $40 and a built-in critical illness benefit. The benefit pays out if the insured is diagnosed with one of the following critical illnesses: cancer, stroke, heart ...
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Life Insurance for Doctors

According to the Canadian Government, there are 111,843 doctors working across the country. GPs and family physicians make an average of $79 an hour, while specialists take in about $117 an hour. All of them would be better served by life insurance to protect the future of their families. Life insurance can be broken down into two categories, Term insurance and Permanent Insurance. (more…)
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Assumption Life Youth Plus

Assumption Life recently introduced Youth Plus. It is a term life insurance product designed for children. The policy is available to insure children between 15 days old and 17 years of age. The features on the policy include the following: 1. Term life insurance until the child has turned 25 2. Guaranteed sum insured payable upon death 3. Non-participating insurance (no dividend is payable) 4. Guaranteed level premiums, which means the premiums remain the same for the duration of ...
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What To Do Before Your Life Insurance Medical Test

When applying for life insurance, the insured often has to complete medical tests. These medical tests can include blood pressure checks, blood profile tests, urine analyses, or ecocardiograms. Though these tests are harmless, they should still be taken seriously and adequately prepared for. Some of the things the insured should keep in mind before completing their life insurance medical tests are the following: (more…)
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Standard Life will No Longer Sell Individual Life Insurance and Critical Illness Policies

Standard Life will not sell individual life insurance in the new year. Effective January 1, 2012, Standard Life will no longer sell individual life insurance and critical illness policies. However, the company will still serve those holding existing policies and applications received right up until December 31 and will still own that block of business after January 1. Its staff will continue to service these policies and give clients the opportunity to increase coverage, add coverage, ...
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Life Insurance for Lawyers

According to the Canadian Government, there are approximately 77,935 lawyers working across Canada, 93% of whom work full-time and make a median hourly wage of $40 — exactly double all the other occupations. This translates to just under 80,000 lawyers who could potentially need life insurance. Life insurance can be broken down into two categories Term insurance and Permanent Insurance. Term insurance starts off lower in costs and increases as the insured gets older. The length ...
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BMO Critical Illness Insurance

BMO Insurance has five critical illness plans BMO insurance offers five Critical Illness plans. The minimum face amount for each of the five plans is $25,000. The maximum issue limit is $2 million for the first four plans and $1 million for their 15-pay Living Benefit 100 Critical Illness policy. The first of the plans is their Living Benefit Term 10 plan, which offers level premiums for the first ten policy years and is convertible without a medical. The coverage is guaranteed ...
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Life Insurance and Heart Attacks

Obtaining life insurance after someone has a heart attack can be challenging. In all cases, the insured has two choices: Traditional Life Insurance Plans and No-Medical Life Insurance Policies. Traditional life insurance plans ask a series of health questions and usually involve the insured completing one or more medical tests, whereas No-Medical life insurance policies can be broken down into the following two categories: Simplified-Issue Plans— These ask a short series of health ...
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Wawanesa Life: No Medical Life Insurance Plan.

Wawanesa Life offers a non-medical life insurance plan that is available to applicants ages 45 to 75. The plan is a simplified issue plan, meaning that there are no health tests and, in this case, a series of five health questions. The plan is called an Instant Issue Plan. The insured can choose from 19 coverage levels ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 of coverage. (more…)
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