Ontario Disability Insurance specialists: Jack Bendahan & William Shung

Posted on September 24, 2010 and updated December 10, 2018 in Disability Insurance, Insurance Types, Life Insurance Canada News 3 min

LSM Insurance disability specialists Jack Bendahan and William Shung have a wealth of experience in providing Ontarians with disability insurance solutions.

Jack Bendahan was raised in Canada and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from York University in Toronto. He speaks both English and French and makes frequent appearances in a variety of industry and media publications.

“Be careful when reviewing disability policy exclusions. As a rule of thumb, insurance companies exclude major pre-existing conditions from newly issued disability plans. Be sure to check the policy contract for details.” – Jack’s advice on disability coverage

Jack Bendahan 340
Jack Bendahan is one advisor
on the LSM team
who can help with your
disability coverage questions.

William Shung was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a former life insurance and long-term care advisor with the Knights of Columbus and, as a result, has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry. He is also fluent in both English and Chinese. 

“Be aware of the definition of disability within the policy.” – William’s advice on disability coverage

Disability definitions generally fall into three categories.

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William Shung can also help
with your disability coverage
at LSM Insurance.

1. Any Occupation – Under this definition, total disability means the inability to work at “any occupation.” Therefore, if you were a computer consultant, and your disability prevented you from performing your regular occupation duties, but you are still gainfully able to work as a check out clerk, you will not receive a benefit.

2. Regular Occupation – Under this definition, Total Disability means the inability to work at your regular occupation

3. Own Occupation – This is the gold standard definition. Under this definition, total disability is defined as the inability to work at your regular occupation, regardless of whether you work in another gainful occupation. All things being equal, the better the definition of disability, the higher the monthly premium.

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