Life Insurance for Children:

News from 2014

Canadians Aren’t Confident They Have Enough Life Insurance

Most Canadians don't really understand life insurance. It's no secret that the majority of Canadians don't really understand life insurance. And now there's a survey to confirm that trend. BMO Insurance released a poll in mid-july 2014, showing that88% of Canadians are not very familiar with the different types of life insurance. In addition,while 74% of those Canadians polled have some type of insurance either through their employer or personal policies, 70% of those ...
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Chantal Marr on Life Insurance For Children in the Financial Post

Chantal Marr, President of LSM Insurance, was quoted in the July 26 Financial Post article by Melissa Leong titled "Should you buy life insurance for your kid?" Read on to discover what Chantal and two other experts have to say about life insurance for children. When it comes to money decisions, it can be hard to figure out the right thing to do. Money is about power, emotion, morality, and security, among other things. So in this space, we gather personal finance luminaries to weigh in ...
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Life Insurance for Parents with Special Needs Children

Life insurance can insure the future of your child with special needs The Canadian Ministry of Employment and Social Development reports that 202,350 Canadian children had a disability in 2006, which accounts for about 3.7% of children between the ages of zero and 14 — interestingly, more boys (4.7%) than girls (2.7%). For the parents of these children, the "special" in "special needs" has a pretty large downside that is barely talked about. Many of these children require 24/7 hands-on ...
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Life Insurance for Newborns

According to Statistics Canada, there are more than 350,000 children born in Canada every year. Many financial experts say that life insurance for newborns doesn't make sense. The common rationale is that you're not financially dependent on your baby, but rather, your baby is financially dependent on you.This makes sense on the surface, but what about the parent who likes the idea of giving the child a head start? If you look at it this way, insuring a newborn offers plenty of ...
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