Life Insurance for Children:

News from 2009

Whole Life Insurance for Children: A detailed look at Canadian Insurance Companies

Whole Life insurance can provide a valuable option for individuals looking for lifetime protection, fixed premiums and a tax sheltered savings component. Participating Whole Life policies allow the insured to participate in the profits of the insurance company. By taking out a policy on a child, the insurance can benefit in the following three ways: 1. They lock in at a low cost. 2. The policy can be paid up in a limited number of years. 3. It allows the insured to lock in at their ...
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Great West Life’s Child Critical Illness Plan

Protect your child's future with Great West Life's Child Oasis Great West Life has a unique Citical Illness insurance plan for children "Child Oasis". It's designed to provide families with the financial resources necessary to support the recovery and care of a child with a critical condition. It also helps insure their future insurability. Some of the features and optional benefits of the Child Oasis plan are the following: A lump sum benefit of ranging from $10,000 - ...
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The Novaks, have a sick child - and a growing financial problem by Julie Cazzin Novaks are living every parent's nightmare. Two years ago, their 11-month-old son Leo fell sick. He suffered for days with what his parents thought was the flu. Then he developed a rash and began to cry in constant pain. For six months, the Novaks ferried Leo from one doctor to another in their hometown of Sudbury, Ont. Nobody could identify his problem. (more…)
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