Disability Insurance:

News from 2013

Key Man Life Insurance

A Key Man or Key Person life insurance policy is a life insurance policy placed on the life of a key employee. A key man / key person policy is necessary when a employee is crucial to the business and when replacing that person would be costly and time consuming. A key person life / key man policy allows the business the funds necessary to cushion against such a loss. How much should the key man / key person be insured for is a function of their potential loss should he / she die. As ...
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Disability Insurance for People Over 65

Disability insurance over 65. According to Sun Life Financial's Annual Unretirement Index, not only are Canadians working past age 65, but they're also doing it because they have to. The index shows that the number of Canadians who expect to retire by 66 has fallen by half between 2008 and 2012 from 51% to 27%. The number of people who expect to be working full-time at age 66 also rose by 10% to 26% between 2008 and 2012. Plus, 32% of respondents expect to be working part-time at 66. ...
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Disability Insurance’s Best and Worst Occupations

Disability insurance is often referred to as "the forgotten insurance." It's crucial because your earning power is the engine that fuels your finances. If you were to become sick or injured and were unable to work, with no income coming in, this could create some serious financial problems. Insurance companies also know that the risk of someone becoming disabled during their working years is greater than the risk of dying, so they underwrite disability insurance very carefully — in ...
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Disability Insurance: How Does the Future Income Option Work?

Disability insurance is available to young entrepreneurs without a medical exam. Disability insurance along with life insurance forms the foundation of a solid financial plan. But what about young entrepreneurs? In 2012, more than half a million people told CIBC that they had started their own business in a poll. According to theToronto Star,researchers at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that among all new enterprises that survived after three years, ...
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