CE Credit Test


***Please Go Over The Presentation Before Beginning The Test***

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*CE Credits Accredited in Ontario and British Columbia

1. About 2 in 10 households have no life insurance at all. Of those, how many believe they would need additional coverage (in percentage)?

2. Which statement is false? The Golden Protection product is designed for people who:

3. A client who was diagnosed or hospitalized, in the past 2 years, for a stroke would qualify for the Golden Protection.

4. For the Golden Protection product, in case of an accidental death in a public transportation, the beneficiaries receive:

5. The option of the guaranteed cash value and guaranteed reduced paid-up is available after:

6. The Golden Protection Plus is for clients aged:

7. Which statement is true.

8. The Lia platform enables you to access Producer’s Corner directly without needing to log in again?

9. Assumption Life pay commissions to brokers:

10. The coverage amounts for the Golden Protection Plus are: