Key Canadian Financial Indicators

We have brought together all of the most important Canadian financial indicators outside of the stock market. Here on this page, you will find Canadian mortgage rates, Canadian term deposit rates (major banks) and the rate of inflation in Canada.

Mortgage Rates

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Canadian Banks: Annual Interest Rates for Term Deposits

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These rates are very helpful as they give you a very good idea of just what the banks are willing to offer you for your money. You can use these rates in the Annual rate of return on Investments in Step 3 of the Life Insurance Needs Analysis calculator.

These term deposit rates are at the top of the scale of what Canadian banks are offering right now. While mortgage rates are very low right now so are the returns on bank deposits. Something to keep in mind when looking at the rate of inflation in Canada as below.

Consumer Price Index: Rate of Inflation Canada

According to the Bank of Canada, the average Consumer Price Index rate over the last 12 months is:

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In straightforward terms, the CPI is simply the rate of inflation – how much less your money is worth every year. Currently keeping your money in the bank in Canada, just keeps pace with inflation.

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