Creating work–life balance

The financial services business can be invigorating and highly rewarding, but it can also sap the energy of the most seasoned advisor. The stress of the industry can adversely affect an advisor’s health and personal life. The following five tips will help improve your morale and enhance your bottom line.


1. Hire one or more assistants – The days of the “one-man show” are gone. Successful advisors must invest in their businesses by hiring the productivity help they need. Such investment will help you determine which activities are primary income generators and which can be delegated to a qualified assistant. Clients are generally better served by an advisor with a well-trained team. And having team support will give you the confidence to go on an extended holiday without the fear that your practice will crumble by the time you return home.

2. Reward yourself – Professionals with good work–life balance reward themselves when they reach certain milestones in their practice. By involving your family and co-workers in the process, everybody becomes a partner in your success. This immediately injects energy into your business and increases your bottom line.

3. Pre-plan holidays and family days – Being your own boss has many advantages, including the flexibility to design your own schedule. Build your holidays in at the beginning of the year and throw in a few “family days” as well. The time off will let you re-charge your batteries and will result in a more productive and positive atmosphere on your return.

4. Create a paperless office – Eliminating the clutter of excess paper will make you and your team more productive. Start by designating a quarterly “purge day” when you and your assistants dispose of/recycle all unnecessary paperwork, including outdated forms, applications, and brochures. Create a centralized computer database that paperlessly tracks operations. Such a database will help your business continue operating when you are not there. And reduced overall clutter will make your return to the office more pleasant.

5. Shut off all communication during your down time – Technology has made us more productive, but it can encroach on our down time. Make a pact with yourself to turn off your cell phone and not check your email after a certain time each day. If you have to stay “wired” on your holidays, limit your use to selected times.