Life Insurance Broker Articles

In this section for people working in life insurance you’ll find tips from Lorne S. Marr on how to develop your professional skills.

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  1. 5 Traits of Successful Life Insurance Brokers
    Becoming a successful insurance broker is hardly a cake walk, it takes discipline, hard work and a passion for helping people.

  2. Increasing Your Prospect Pool with Social Networking
    Social networks can help you get your name in front of more people and build upon the concept of Passive Prospecting. Here are some tips on how to use them.

  3. 10 Ways to Become a Top Insurance Broker
    So you want to be a Top Insurance Broker? Here are 10 tips you should follow to become the best.

  4. Creating work–life balance
    The stress of the industry can adversely affect an advisor’s health and life. The following tips will help improve your morale and enhance your bottom line.

  5. Critical Mistakes to Avoid in the Life Insurance Business
    This sector offers plenty of opportunities, and there’s always possibility for growth—use the following advice and have no obstacles in your path to success.

  6. Getting started in the group insurance business
    There are five reasons why a new or experienced advisor may want to consider specializing in the group market.

  7. Six key traits of a successful insurance broker
    What does it take for a new broker to succeed in insurance? The following six key traits determine if you are ripe for success in this industry.

  8. 10 Tips for In-Person Meetings with Prospective Clients
    Meetings with clients are key elements in building your reputation as a financial planner. Here is what you need to master to create successful relationships.

  9. Cold Calling for Insurance Brokers - Eight Basic Tips
    Cold calling may not be the best way to generate new business, but it's an invaluable skill that every professional insurance broker should master.

  10. Generating Client Referrals – 9 Proven Methods for Success
    Many successful businesses are built upon referrals and the life insurance business is no exception.Here are some of my unique strategies for referral building.

  11. Five Tips To Turn Volatility Into Opportunity
    Are you a life insurance broker? The following steps will help you generate additional revenue and create loyalty among your clients.

  12. Four Easy Steps To Complete Client Loyalty
    Creating client loyalty is not an easy task. Lorne's got four steps you should follow to generate referrals and create a positive atmosphere for your clients.

  13. Four Tips To Help You Put The Pro In Professionalism
    Read Lorne's tips to help you put Pro in Professionalism! Learn what separates high-level producers from those floundering in the financial services business.

  14. Independent life insurance broker – 10 reasons to become one
    10 reasons why to become an Independent Life Insurance broker.

  15. Motivational strategies for life insurance brokers
    Motivation is usually the bottom line secret of successful financial planners. The life insurance industry can be very rewarding if you work smart.

  16. Taking Control of Your Time
    You are a life insurance broker and you want to maintain your profitability and sanity. These steps will help increase your level of organization.